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Proven, effective treatment for insomnia
without the need for pills or machines
All from the comfort of your home

Acclaim for CBT-I:

In the long run, people need to change their actual sleep habits - that’s what CBT [insomnia] helps them do.- New York Times
CBT-I is the most effective psychology-based treatment for a health problem and has consistently been proven to be the most effective first-line treatment for chronic insomnia. It is so effective that I am surprised if my patients do not report improvement in sleep, or a reduction or elimination of sleeping pills, from CBT-I.- The Huffington Post
…Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is now commonly recommended as first-line treatment for chronic insomnia.- Annals of Internal Medicine

What our members are saying:

Open Path’s CBT-I has made such an impact on my life. Their accessible, easy-to-use program helped me learn the discipline I’d always lacked, and how to recognize and redirect the negative thoughts that kept me awake at night for years.- Amber C. (3 years of insomnia)
CBT-I works better than any drug I’ve ever taken - and after struggling from insomnia for the majority of my twenties, I’d tried them all. This program taught me the techniques I so desperately needed to learn to take me from 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night, to the 6 or 7 that I’m now getting almost every night. I’m sleeping better and living better, and I couldn’t be more thankful for how this program has changed my life.- Noah G. (1 years of insomnia)
I struggled with anxiety and insomnia for years: lying awake at night, waking feeling exhausted, and dragging through every day. I got down on myself, and couldn’t stop feeling like I was failing in life. I had no idea that the sleep habits I’d formed over the years were contributing to my insomnia. This course taught me how to relax, and helped me learn how to keep a consistent sleep schedule. Now I sleep through the night, and wake feeling recharged and ready to take on the day.- Madison B. (2 years of insomnia)
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